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There are 11 Articles.

PostedTitleAuthorIn / AtTypeYear
6/15/11Teacher Change and Student Learning: What Works?Yue Li, Jane Butler Kahle, Constance Blasie, Kate Scantlebury2011 MSP Learning Network ConferenceConference Paper2011
2/01/10Sustained, Content-Based PD: Knowledge Generated from the PennSTIYue Li, Kate Scantlebury, Jane Butler Kahle, Constance BlasieMSP LNC 2010Conference Paper2010
1/31/08Deepening Teacher Content Knowledge for Teaching: A Review of the EvidenceIris R. Weiss, Barbara Miller, Dan Heck, Sean SmithMSP Evaluation Summit IIWorking Paper2006
5/02/07Implementing and Evaluating Reformed Science Curricula for Higher Education and Professional Development SettingsJacob Clark Blickenstaff, Daniel M. HanleyNARSTConference Paper2007
4/26/07The Effect of University Science Faculty Beliefs on Teaching Practices across ContextsChristina L. Jacobs, Susan A. Yoon, Tracey C. OtienoNARSTConference Paper2007
4/26/07A Science Lesson Plan Analysis Instrument for Formative and Summative Program Evaluation of a Teacher Education ProgramChristina L. Jacobs, Sonya N. Martin, Tracey C. OtienoNARSTInstrument2007
3/15/07Development and Use of a Science Lesson Plan Analysis Instrument for Evaluating Teacher Practice and Informing Program InstructionChristina L. Jacobs, Tracey OtienoMSP Evaluation Summit IIWorking Paper2006
2/22/07What the College Teachers Learned from High School Teachers in MSPAnthony Durante, Eric FuchsMSP in NYCWorking Paper2007
12/29/06Learning and Understanding: Improving Advanced Study of Mathematics and Science in U.S. High SchoolsNational Research CouncilNational Academies PressBook2002
12/29/06A Year 2 RETA Report for Effect of STEM Faculty Engagement in MSP--A Longitudinal PerspectiveXiaodong Zhang, Joy Frechtling, Joseph McInerney, Glenn Nyre, Joan Michie, Atsushi Miyaoka, John WellsWESTATReport2006
12/15/05Reflecting on PracticeSylvia Weir, Tim BarclayHands On!Article1994